when having a puppy cuddle (or 10!)

I have just realised how long it’s been since my last update. I apologise. It’s been very busy here with the pups being thoroughly socialised (cuddled) by lots of people. At one stage it felt a bit like a train station.

Anyway the puppies are growing an astonishing rate all being over 2kg now. They now have all their baby teeth through and are experimenting with them by chewing on everything living or not. Nothing is safe from the little monsters.

The pups are really starting to show their personalities some much naughtier than others. Some more content to sit and watch the others get it wrong so they can do it right.

They are starting to get out and about and are now running around with a little puppy waddle which is very sweet
We have managed to get worming, manicures and bathing down to 45 minutes which is a bit of a feat! and slightly noisy

Maple is coping well but does have a few war wounds on her ‘doobies’ from their needle teeth. She is still being a good mummy and feeding them but is glad that they like biscuits too. She is being very relaxed about the new people visiting the pups and believes mainly that she is prettier and so should have the majority of the attention.

That’s all for now the pups should be going out and about shortly so expect more updates

Most importantly more photos http://s1192.photobucket.com/albums/aa324/KJCPP/