The puppies are growing at an astonishing rate. All are near enough or over 4kg and are now full of themselves. Nothing is safe and with 10 they have discovered if they split up I can’t be in all places at once. They are remarkably good at escapology and at very loud singing.

Unfortunately their socialisation with the outside world has been halted due to the minus temperatures but hopefully in the next few days they will be out and about in the garden and a few trips out in the van. People socialisation is going well with a bus load (or it felt like it) of visitors/cuddlers/new parents coming to visit over the weekend, this even included a few children. The puppies decided these must be for snacking on!

Their play pen has now taken over most of my kitchen and they still don’t think it’s big enough! Also newspaper it turns out is not just for going to the toilet on you can also wrap your brother/sister in it, drag in across the pen, shred it into tiny bits or snow and even make paper mache by dunking it in your water bowl.

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