Sorry havnt updated in a while the puppies have got me run ragged. Some major news on Wednesday they took their first proper puppy steps. Liliac being the very first. There is now no stopping them ans the box is usually in a mess as all 10 want to go in different directions usually under the newspaper.

Also Wednesday night they started to open their eyes. Green was the first. Unfortunatly the ability to see seems to have turned their volume button up to max! I think it would be quieter in a disco sometimes but obviously no where near as sweet.

Maple is still being a good mummy but is stuggling to feed them all at once as its a little like being mugged poor girl so they are having staggered feeds. They are all doing really well and have nearly tripled their birth weight.

And finally there are some new pics on photobucket so you can all get your puppy fix.