For those that missed the beginning of the story.
After a year or so of planning and researching and tests, we were ready.
Maple came into season on 4th September. Her chosen boyfriend Taylor lives in Sussex so at day 11 with her showing all signs she was ready we went on a road trip. We got there and although they liked each other there was defiantly no spark, they were both more interested in food and toys. We stayed for 4 days with relatives, with a 100 round trip to visit Taylor each time, hoping she would decide at some point to be interested. It’s Maple I should have known better!
After 4 days we went home and decided to progesterone test her. 5 tests and at day 31 the test came back saying she had ovulated and we had 12 hours to mate her. A very manic day then ensued to get time off work, do the 6 hour journey and get her then in time. Luckily when we got there this time there was a spark and more! Everything went to plan and we had to travel home
(got back 3am) and then went to work the next day.
Around day 20 of her pregnancy poor Maple developed morning sickness. If she wasn’t pregnant she was dying Maple lives for food! Luckily she doesn’t get lunch or dinner sickness so we have overcome this.
At day 28 (1st Oct) we scanned Maple and she is defiantly expecting. The stress and sleep deprivation were worth it all just to see those little blobs on the screen.
Today Maple is still suffering a little morning sickness but is otherwise blissfully unaware of her pregnancy. Her waist line is vanishing and the milk bar is developing.
I plan to keep a little blog going to document her pregnancy and eventually the puppies (around 6th December) so stay tuned.