Well a lot of time has passed but not much has changed. All the pups are growing nicely and causing havoc in their new homes and ensuring all their new families are totally head over heels in love with them.
Our girls have got a nice new garden to play in complete with artificial grass. Meg even has her very own look out post. There had to be a few alterations to ensure a certain Cinder stopped jumping off of the top of one of the terraces!
We’ve had a few agility shows over the summer with some pleasing results. Cinder has grown a lot still very childish and fun. I’ve now started her training and as soon as we can channel her energy and enthusiasm there will be no stopping her. Currently she still has to do the occasional wall of death around the arena to show everyone how excited she is.
We’ve currently got a few new additions to the house, in the form of 4 abandoned kittens which I’m hand rearing; they are now 4 weeks old so should be off to their new homes in a few more weeks. They are at the messy sit in the milk rather than drink it stage. Thankfully not much longer and they will be eating on their own.