Busy few days. The pups had their first bath on Tuesday (they were a little smelly) they were also weighed wormed and manicured. It took over an hour to do all 10. We all needed a nap afterwards.
The puppies are going well. They are now exploring everywhere, give it a few days and they will be breaking out of the box. Think it’s time to set up the play pen as well.
They had their first feed today a plate of puppy milk shortly followed by some biscuits soaked to make porridge. They certainly knew what to do with it and polished the lot off having walked through it first. Then they proceeded to suck the mess off each other. This resulted in nice clean puppies as Maple cleaned the bits they missed.

There are some more photos here  http://s1192.photobucket.com/albums/aa324/KJCPP/