It’s been a busy week if you’re a puppy. They were wormed on Monday. Yuk! Everything was a lovely shade of pink for a bit. Unfortunately worming had the downside of upsetting a few tummies. Double yuk!
This then resulted in lots of bathing
The puppies were all microchipped on Thursday and were very brave about it only one cried and even then only for 10secs until he realised that it wasn’t getting him any extra attention.
Friday and Saturday were taken up with lots of socialisation and visitors. Along with Dottie learning how to escape the play pen and Maisy and Dottie learning to climb stairs after breaking out of the kitchen! All the other pups were distracted from escaping with curtain eating, sofa chewing and general chaos causing behaviours.
The puppies are now being to fly the nest :0( but are off to some wonderful homes