Been a while since Ive updated. its been a mad couple of weeks with visitors and new owners. The puppies are starting to go and start their new lives all over the country. 4 are still we us for a bit longer, well 3 because little Cinder is staying here. Im glad to annouce that they have all those who have left have settled in well with a few nights of crying but otherwise have decided that whichever home they have gone to they are now in charge! (or they are trying to at very least). They are super little puppies not bothered at all by the change very proud of Maple for being such a good mummy.

For those of you that met the infamous Dottie im glad to announce she now has her forever home with my parents where she has decided to try to rule as princess Dottie. She has 4 other dogs to play with and still gets to meet up with her partner in crime, Cinder to plan havoc and chaos!

I would also like to wish Rusty, Milo, Jasmine, Poldi, Charlie and Holly luck at ruling their new homes and Im sure the 2 pups still awaiting names will rule when they get to their forever homes!

Thats it for now more pictures will go on in the next few days hopefully. Got lots of them exploring the outside and well trying to eat it, they are tollers after all!