It’s been a while (again) so thought it was about time for an update.
Rudi and Holly went off to their new homes on Sunday so we have had 7 days of just 2 puppies. House training is going well and training is general is getting there. Just need to try to separate them so they don’t get jealous of each other and ruin the other ones training in hope of a treat. Cinder is obviously still here and Lilac is here until the right home comes along. They are both going at an amazing rate and enjoying socialisation training. So far trips to pet shops and carries around on dog walks have resulted in the pups loving going out as they believe everyone should tell them they are beautiful. Cinder is still convinced that every trip in the van may be transporting her to hell so has to quiver until she gets out and discovers that she is in fact not in hell just another dog walk! But she is improving.
Meg and Maple had their first agility show in months last weekend as well. Both ran very well and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Maple even managed a 14th place (out of 150ish dogs) so I am very proud of her especially as she’s only been training for about 3 weeks post-puppies.
There are some more pictures uploaded to photobucket so you can see how much they have grown. That’s it for now going to finish before they wake up and the fun begins again.