Lilac or Lila as she is now known left last night to join her new family. She has got a lovely new family and even a big brother to beat up and make him do her bidding!
 Meg is happy to have her sofa back! Cinder and Maple have taken the litter leaving well. Cinder has decided that she has outgrown the playpen and escape is her only option. She managed it in half an hour of trying. So the crate is now up also and she has taken to it well althrough she decided to try out her vocal cords and sing us all to sleep (till 4am) last night because she was caged.
She has also discovered a new sport called flower potting. It is simple and involves jumping in my flower pots and digging all the plants and soil out and generally making as much mess as possible. The flower pots have now been confiscated.
Now im off to brave the cold and take them all out for their first offical family walk around the park.