How time flies. All the puppies are well an truely settled. They are all doing well 2 have now had thier first agility shows and have done well getting clear rounds. Cinders debut has been delayed slightly to hopefully August as we are awaiting the arrival of our own human litter (sorry baby), im glad to report there is only one, poor Maple having had 10!
Cinder qualified for Crufts again getting 2nd at National gundog and then a 1st and 2nd a Scottish Kennel Club Championship show.
Maple has been handed over to a friend for agiltiy purposes whilst im unable to run and is running very well for her getting some nice rosettes but is always happy to come back home after training and snooze on the sofa and guard my bump.
Meg is growing old disgracefully unfortunatly her arthritis is getting worse and shes getting stiffer but she soon forgets about that when she gets outside. My physio training is being put to the test to keep her comfortable and mobile. She is enjoying the extra fuss and massages.